About me

My name is Jackie Kirkham, and I gained my PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2011 from the Department of Central and East European Studies.  My PhD research was a qualitative study focused on sexual and reproductive health services in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.  I am a qualified health visitor (which was my professional background prior to the PhD), and I currently work as a health visitor in Central Scotland. Previous academic posts have included working as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University in Scotland on a number of Faculty of Health and Social Care modules, and as a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Population Health Sciences, working on the qualitative arm of a multi-site diabetes randomised controlled trial. The findings from this trial should be published soon.

This blog is where I will write on my research interests past, current and future (sexual and reproductive health, eastern Europe, public health and clinical practice in the UK and beyond, nursing and health visiting, migrant health, health service development) and on reflections around teaching, writing and research methodology. Health stories in the news which get me worked up will also appear from time to time.

I can be found on Twitter, my username is @JackieKirkham (unsurprisingly).

All views are my own and not of any of my employers.

Apart from the header picture which is the generic wordpress template picture, all photos are by me (unless stated otherwise), copyright all rights reserved.

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  1. thanks for stopping by
    I’m hanging in there

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