Transcription and Proofreading services

I provide an online transcription and proofreading service, specialising in academic work.  I transcribe qualitative interviews (both face to face and telephone), focus groups, as well as audio files for other scenarios such as lectures, seminars, or conference presentations.  I also provide a proofreading service on request.

My academic background is as a former qualitative researcher in the social sciences, and I am well aware of the importance of good quality transcription to the researcher.  I will work with you to understand your exact requirements and provide an end product tailored to your needs and specifications.

To discuss how I can work with you, please contact me by email at jackie[dot]kirkham[dot]business[at]gmail[dot]com (apologies for the lack of a link, I am trying to avoid spambots!).

I look forward to working with you.

If I have done work for you which you have liked, then please feel free to leave me a complimentary comment below! Thank you!