Journal articles

Lawton J, Kirkham J, Rankin D, White DA, Elliott J, Jaap A, Smithson WH, Heller S. (2016) “Who gains clinical benefit from using insulin pump therapy? A qualitative study of the perceptions and views of health professionals involved in the REPOSE (Relative Effectiveness of Pumps over MDI and Structured Education) Trial”, Diabetic Medicine, 33(2): 243-251. Link to article.

Lawton J, Kirkham J, White D, Rankin D, Cooper C, Heller S. (2015) “Uncovering the emotional aspects of working on a clinical trial: a qualitative study of the experiences and views of staff involved in a type 1 diabetes trial”, Trials, 16:3. Link to article (open access).

Lawton J, Kirkham J, Rankin D, Barnard K, Cooper CL, Taylor C, Heller S, Elliott J. (2014) “Perceptions and experiences of using automated bolus advisors amongst people with type 1 diabetes: a longitudinal qualitative investigation”, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 106(3): 443-450. Link to article (open access).

Kirkham, J (2013) “Constructions of childhood, victimhood and abortion in Romania: the ‘little-girl mother'”, Anthropology of East Europe Review, 31(1): 93-109. Link to article (open access).

Chapters in edited volumes

Kirkham, J (2011) “Sexual and Reproductive Health in Romania and the Republic of Moldova – Interactions, Discourses and Changing Meanings”, in Jäppinen, M, Saarinen, A and Kulmala, M (eds) Gazing at Welfare, Gender and Agency in Post-socialist Countries, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Link to publisher’s page.

Book reviews

Kirkham, J (2013) “Review: Armine Ishkanian, “Democracy Building and Civil Society in Post-Soviet Armenia”, and Sarah D. Phillips, “Women’s Social Activism in the New Ukraine: Development and the Politics of Differentiation”, Europe-Asia Studies, 65(6), 1220-1222, doi: 10.1080/09668136.2013.813151 Link to review.

Gittins, J (2006) Book review – “Silent Nights: Overcoming Sleep Problems in Babies and Children” (Brian Symon, Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1998), Infant & Child Development, 15(5), pp. 557-559. Link to review.

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