Monthly Archives: July 2017

New transcription and proofreading business

This month I have an exciting new venture to report. I have been looking for a while at how to be further involved in supporting research outwith academia. I am involved in some academic writing (more on that when it is published!), but the prospect of being a freelancer has appealed for a long time, as I seek both flexibility and portability in order to work around my family and other commitments. I have therefore set myself up as a freelance transcriber and proofreader and am now open for business! Please see the “Transcription and Proofreading Services” page on this blog for details of how to get in touch.

For transcription, I am primarily focusing on qualitative interviews and focus groups, but I am also happy to work with files from other scenarios such as seminars, meetings, or conference presentations amongst others. Whilst I expect the majority of my business to come from academia, if you are working elsewhere in the public or voluntary sectors and have sound files which need transcribing, then please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and my rates.

For proofreading, I am initially focusing on academic manuscripts, including providing a service for authors where English is not their first language. I am currently undertaking a proofreading and copy-editing course from Chapterhouse and hope that in the future this can also lead me to some freelance work within the publishing sector.

As someone who has previously marked student work as a tutor, I have for some time been concerned about the rise of companies ostensibly providing a “proofreading” service but in effect writing the work for the student. I will not be involved in this type of work, as I consider it highly unethical. In order to protect both myself and the student from this type of exploitative work, if you are a student wishing your work to be proofread then I would ask that you arrange for your supervisor to contact me first to discuss the requirements of the job.

Initially, due to the part-time nature of this venture (which I am undertaking alongside my regular health visiting post), I am primarily available to work on Tuesdays, with occasional other afternoons. My intention is that as I gain more work I will be able to extend the time I spend on this business, and hopefully on your work!

Please do get in touch if you are looking for transcription or proofreading services, and I will be happy to discuss your requirements further. I look forward to a fruitful working relationship!

REPOSE trial – final report

Earlier this year the final report came out for the REPOSE trial. This was the trial that I was working with while I worked at the University of Edinburgh; I was the Research Fellow involved in the qualitative study that was embedded in the RCT, looking at the experiences of patients and educators (nurses and dieticians) during the trial. Budget savings after I left meant that the team were also able to do a further qualitative piece of work looking at the close of the trial with the educators, which has also thrown up some really interesting findings.

The final report is titled “A cluster randomised trial, cost-effectiveness analysis and psychosocial evaluation of insulin pump therapy compared with multiple injections during flexible intensive insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes: the REPOSE Trial”, and is published by Health Technology Assessment, 21(20). The link to the downloadable version of the report is here.