Monthly Archives: November 2011

My new shiny blog

Inspired by various academics I follow on twitter, and by a desire to channel my considerable talent for procrastination into something more productive, I have decided to join the ranks of academic bloggers.  I see this blog as a chance to write regularly about my research interests and publicise my research and profile. Subjects I expect to appear here include

  • health care provision and policy in the UK and eastern Europe (particularly Romania and Moldova)
  • sexual and reproductive health care
  • sexuality (particularly as it relates to eastern Europe)
  • media representations of health
  • nursing and health visiting
  • public health and health inequalities
  • research methods
  • ethical issues

amongst other things.  I will also include thoughts on books and articles I find interesting (or irritating!) and details of any conferences/seminars I attend and (hopefully!) any articles I publish.  Occasionally blog posts will be inspired by media coverage of an issue of interest; I will try but cannot promise to not rant!

I hope to write something here at least weekly as I expect this to be a useful discipline for my writing and reflection.  Hopefully you will find the blog interesting – please feel free to comment!