Happy New Year! I’m feeling a bit new year-ish (not hungover, but maybe a little bit slow!) so wanted to note down some aims for the year in order to hopefully slide gently into a good 2013.

I’m not going to particularly recap 2012 (though there is a blog on the ECRchat blog about the ‘my best of 2012’ chat I hosted in December – you can read that here), other than to say that there were lots of positives for me, not least getting my job and finding myself in a great team with supportive colleagues with whom I’m looking forward to working over the coming year.

Now that I feel a bit more established as an academic and in life in general, I do want to be a bit more focused both in work and in not-work. So here are a few, hopefully realistic, goals for the coming year:

1. Read more

This will relate to point 2. below, but I am hoping to read a lot more, both work-related and not. When I read something well-crafted it is energising and inspiring, and one day I hope that my own writing might have a similar effect. I’m not going to put specific goals (x journal articles and y books per week), but I think one of the things I learned from my failed #acwrimo was that without reading, the writing won’t happen, so I do want to increase the amount I read. For work I need to read more around diabetes, the body, technology and chronic disease (amongst others), and I also have a pile of post-PhD-related reading around gender, sexuality, reproduction and eastern Europe which will all be helpful for expanding my thinking ready to get seriously publishing from the PhD. Which leads me nicely onto:

2. Write more

Although #acwrimo didn’t work for me, it did show me that I need to incorporate writing more systematically into my working life. I have several articles in various states of being-written, and others in my head, so I have put in my diary space to try and get them finished over this year. I also need to write for my current project, something I am being encouraged to do (we are hopeful to have a couple of articles ready to submit in the next 2 or 3 months), so the reading and writing will be a big part of working life this year. I’m looking forward to that – I like writing, and I will have the new experience this year of joint-authoring articles, as well as continuing the single-authoring writing from my thesis. The first priority for me will be to write the papers on which I will be basing my talk for the BASEES conference in April.

3. Technology/internet

There are a few bits of technology/internet I’d like to get more up to speed with this year – I have found storify not particularly intuitive and so after hosting the #ECRchat end of year twitter chat (link above) I had to rely on somebody else to produce the storify, so one thing to do will be to play around with that and try and get my head round it. Another site which I think looks interesting is scoop.it, which I think will be a useful way of sorting out all the links, posts and videos I keep picking up and hopefully making my internet bookmarks a bit more manageable! There are other sites which I haven’t really connected with – LinkedIn and pinterest in particular – which other academics have found useful. I’m still to be convinced about them, but am happy to be persuaded otherwise. I’m thinking about buying an eReader of some description, which will hopefully help me with my aim of reading more. And I will try and blog a bit more frequently this year – so I will be thinking more carefully about my responses and reactions to issues with a view to writing more.

4. Teaching

My job is research-only, but I am also of course teaching with the Open University. I want to continue to learn what works well in both face to face and online learning environments, and hopefully see progress and good results in my students! I also want to start thinking about possibilities for teaching in future jobs – although I have over a year left on my current contract, and we are thinking about applying for other fellowships, so this is not an immediate requirement, I want to at least have a good plan so that should a position come up I am not taken by surprise!

5. Conferences

I have had a paper accepted for the BASEES (British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies) conference in April, so that will be a great chance to engage with the area studies community. I hope I’ll also have a chance to present some findings from the work project too, as up until now all of my conference presentations have been from my PhD, so it will be good to increase my experience outwith area studies conferences.

6. Relaxing

I’m not convinced that ‘work-life balance’ is quite the phrase I want – given that work is such a huge part of life – but I do want to get a better balance between work life and not-work life. I think the biggest key to this will be to be more efficient in my use of time, something I keep telling my students but which I need to be much better at doing myself! I will be rejoining the gym which is a good way (for me) of relaxing and feeling good, also spending time at the allotment, and hopefully getting in some non-work-related reading too. All that is relatively easy – the biggest challenge for me I think will be avoiding the temptation to procrastinate!

I think that will do for now – I will sit down and try and work out in a bit more detail (monthly) what to do when, and hopefully at the end of the year I can look back on this post and not be too shamefaced!

4 responses to “2013

  1. Lots for me to relate to here Jackie – I’m also aiming to incorporate writing more systematically into my working life this year, and finally finish a few of those half finished/planned articles. Just need to work out how to balance this with a (heavy) teaching load! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at BASEES too.

    • Thanks Kelly, yes hopefully I will see you at BASEES. I am aware of the luxury of my position of being able to try and read/write without the heavy teaching load – I need to make the most of it this year while it lasts! 🙂

  2. Great ideas for 2013 goals. I have been formulating mine all day, and a few of the things you said (such as about technology and networks) helped me think through one of them I have been struggling with, namely around a more current and consistent online presence. I hope to follow yours presently, and wish you all the success in achieving these!!

    • Thanks for the comment Jeffrey. I’m not sure I want to be ‘more’ online (if you see what I mean) than I am already, as my current presence has served me well (I didn’t find out till afterwards but my colleagues had read the blog and twitter before I was interviewed) – this is why I am not rushing to either pinterest or LinkedIn. But the other tools (storify and scoop.it in particular) will hopefully be useful for personal use/efficiency.

      Good luck with your own goals, and with the ongoing thesis-writing (I am following your progress!).

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