Health in Transition conference and preparing for a new start

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s Health in Transition conference, being held in Bucharest, Romania in June. As well as presenting my own paper in panel 3, I am also down to be both chair and discussant for panel 6. The entire conference looks fascinating, I’m really looking forward to it – plus as well as the conference, I am looking forward very much to being back in Romania, a place very dear to me. Hopefully my language skills won’t be too rusty and forgotten! I have really enjoyed getting back into my PhD thesis as I prepare my paper for the conference. There is still a lot there I want to get ‘out there’ and known more widely, so this conference is a great opportunity.

By the time I get there I will have been in my new post just over a month and immersed in the new research project; I start my new job next week. I am really excited about starting, although I am also a little nervous and hope that this ‘imposter syndrome’ feeling doesn’t last too long! I am going to have to hit the ground running, and after the conference in Bucharest I will be starting the ‘fieldwork’ aspect of the new research almost straight away. Actually I think doing interviews in English is going to be quite a novelty! 🙂

2 responses to “Health in Transition conference and preparing for a new start

  1. Looks great, Jackie. First time I have seen this conference, so shame I can’t be there!

  2. I think it is planned as a yearly conference (the inaugural one was last year, I didn’t hear about that one and as you do eventually heard about this one through the grapevine, a couple of weeks before the deadline for paper proposals). Do you know Michael Rasell? He is one of the organisers, and I’m sure would be happy to add you to the mailing list for alerts about next year.

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