Useful blogs on central/eastern Europe

I haven’t yet got round to sorting out a blog list for the side of this blog, but wanted to alert readers to some blogs and other sources which I find useful and interesting. For this post I’ll concentrate on the central/eastern Europeanists.

First up, Dr Catherine Baker blogs on teaching and research on nationalism, culture and identity. I’ve discovered her blog relatively recently, but think it’s well worth a read.

Secondly, one of my partners-in-crime when I was doing my PhD at Glasgow University. The Thesis Whisperer blogged recently about PhD topics that give everyone else research envy and that everyone wants to talk about, and Dr Paul Jordan’s research certainly fit that bill – here he blogs on nation branding and the Eurovision Song Contest. Sexual and reproductive health felt like the world’s most tedious topic in comparison to that 😉

For the politics/history buffs, Dr Sean Hanley from UCL and Dr Kelly Hignett from Swansea University are worth a read, as is the Transitions Online Editors’ blog, East of Center. Dr Caterina Preda from the University of Bucharest writes about the links between arts and politics. More specifically Romania-related, Professor Lavinia Stan from St Francis Xavier University in Canada blogs on politics, religion, memory and all sorts and is always worth reading.

I’ve not found too many CEE/FSU health related blogs yet (I’m sure they’re out there!) but will mention Dr Kate Thomson‘s blog. Kate lectures at Birmingham City University, and more relevantly for me was my PhD external examiner.

The Southeast European Studies Association has a blog with calls for papers and information on their activities.

Finally, not a blog but I recently discovered an interesting website from Romania (primarily in Romanian) which describes itself as a ‘social, intellectual and political critique group’, coming from a mainly leftist perspective. It’s not primarily an academic group of writers, but they do write on subjects of interest to academics. Critic Atac.

I would love to find out other good central/east European academic blogs (local and international) – please leave any others you know and rate in the comments.

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