My new shiny blog

Inspired by various academics I follow on twitter, and by a desire to channel my considerable talent for procrastination into something more productive, I have decided to join the ranks of academic bloggers.  I see this blog as a chance to write regularly about my research interests and publicise my research and profile. Subjects I expect to appear here include

  • health care provision and policy in the UK and eastern Europe (particularly Romania and Moldova)
  • sexual and reproductive health care
  • sexuality (particularly as it relates to eastern Europe)
  • media representations of health
  • nursing and health visiting
  • public health and health inequalities
  • research methods
  • ethical issues

amongst other things.  I will also include thoughts on books and articles I find interesting (or irritating!) and details of any conferences/seminars I attend and (hopefully!) any articles I publish.  Occasionally blog posts will be inspired by media coverage of an issue of interest; I will try but cannot promise to not rant!

I hope to write something here at least weekly as I expect this to be a useful discipline for my writing and reflection.  Hopefully you will find the blog interesting – please feel free to comment!

8 responses to “My new shiny blog

  1. good luck – I’m sure you’ll make it interesting

  2. Thanks Gerald, I’ll do my best!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you write about.

  4. Very interested to see how this develops and also to see what you write about.

  5. I am agog.
    I also anticipate that this will be my first and last comment as I am unlikely to be able to contribute anything but ignorance to the topics you propose to discuss.
    My breath is bated as I await an education.
    Good luck – to Dr Jackie Kirkham – and to all those who sail in her blog.

  6. Looks very interesting, the breadth of your interests in awesome; will am keen to see how your ethical issues evolve over time

  7. Thanks folks, it’s nice to see people are reading! 🙂 (no pressure then!)

  8. Jackie,
    great start on an academic blog. I am still playing around with the idea, but not sure what my new employers would think about it. I am now thinking about writing in a blog about what it is like to be an academic in the applied research world.

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